You can learn

We all are so busy with certain things in life that sometimes we really feel that everything is totally messed up in our minds. Well in ten minutes you can learn to be more focused  creative ,decisive and obviously self satisfied.
The only thing to do is take a paper and pencil, write down in points whatever is going on in your mind. Go with flow, no second thoughts. No self pressures. After writing your immediate thoughts, wants, needs desires, plans, etc.Now pick up  another paper and make a list of previously stated list’s those things which you can do immediately and in the same way keep on marking. The things you can’t do in short term period cut them off.. And from onwards start doing this psychological probing in mind. One portion of mind will open up and other will provide solutions and deletion. (deletion of those targets which you want to achieve immediately but you can’t get them immediately).
Try it you will be amazed by yourself..You will solve hundreds of your wants and desires of the day on the right time and you will be with the feelings of achievements.
All the best wishes.

Zaira Khan


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