Avoid regrets


You need to be careful what you fill your minds with. Imagination is  often the hot-bed where sin is hatched. Martin Luther once said, “You can’t stop birds from flying over your head, but you can stop them from making nests in your hair.”
There are many things regarding different attitudes,societies,beliefs,cultures and environment which a youngster, a boy or a girl, both must avoid so as to have productive, safe, happy and healthy life with great sense of self esteem and self regard.
As a psychologist I have observed and also guided many parents of youngsters to be clear about their own values and attitudes as this effects a lot on the later years of their children.
All parents must talk early and often with their children about sex because in some societies not talking or proper guidance mislead the youngsters. The result could then be very drastic in many different areas of life..
Elders must help their ch
ildren to find options for their future that are more attractive than early relationships. As early relationships if not handled properly ruins the later life.though here societies vary from one another.
I know that if children in early adolescence are guided properly to know that they have to value education,then by sure after 20’s they know that they can enjoy their intellectual needs hand in hand with professional needs.Building close, caring relationships with children from their early childhood help the people in 30’s and 40’s to enjoy their emotional life,social and family life..
All these basic steps could help a youngster to have aspired and approachable,reality based goals to achieve and move on when in 30’s and 40’s.
I recommend that after teens one must always try to have good professional guidance and counseling so as to keep oneself on the track of achieving according to reality principles.
I know in almost all the answers to this particular question, all have focused on do nots’ but I started with do’s. The reason is that in bird’s eye view every reader must see that whether above mentioned guidance is effective or cannot be practiced,because I cant say that these instructions are not effective. I am sure they are.
Well,in 2o’s most of all one must avoid to stay away from false beliefs,the deluded realities and this is the part of one’s life when one must see the canvas of life with some outlines and try to make the solid art of life.We all have a gifting like this inside of ourselves,we know where we can excel.
Sometimes we simply cannot accept that we are God’s  masterpiece. We feel like a lonely painting on a forgotten canvas tossed  to Goodwill rather than an artist.
But that is exactly what God says we are. We are His greatest creation – the crown jewel.
If you do not yet know how He has created you with unique gifts and abilities, spend some time asking these questions:main-qimg-4d624925bf6973ba70a0fe25575f704f

This is so true, so in 20’s we need not to waste our energies both physical and mental so that in 30’s or 40’s we regret that we wasted our life. Though I believe that at any time in life what is the reason of living if you are not trying to live..this is what eros concept promotes.
Ups and downs in life will continue but some major faults in 20’s will for sure grab away your life from you. So be ware of yourself and others, live to the high purpose and think for yourself ten years ahead from now.whatever you are doing now..in 20’s will present your third and fourth decade,so on, as an aftermath.Otherwise as human beings we certainly cannot banish the variables surrounding and effecting us.
To sum up I just want to share this quote.


Zaira Khan


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