some people will hurt you


For some right intentions do not always mean the right results.your impact may be different and harm the other person.or it could backfire and harm you which in good intended missions happen….have experienced both in the recent past…and it isn’t pretty good….we should all probably strive for a holistic view rather than believe things will fall into place with just the right intention…and not the hurt some responses of selfish others… … .but I have been burned by doing this too many times so now I have just learned to mind my own business. If it isn’t something that directly affects me or impacts me, then I have learned to keep my nose out of it. For most people even when you think that you have their best interests at heart they aren’t going to appreciate what you are trying to do for them anyway, so why even bother? most of the time you will just get chewed out so I have even stopped going to all of the trouble for nothing. I figure that if they need help they will ask, and if they don’t then I am better off keeping to myself.

Zaira Khan


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