Trust is a choice perhaps.



While there is no ironclad guarantee that you will never be betrayed, you have the power to create trusting relationships. The moment you meet someone, you can begin to deliberately nurture trust. How?

Be in integrity with yourself. Get in touch with your real needs and feelings so you can disclose them. Know who you are and what you want from a relationship. If you are honest with yourself, you will be honest with other people. If you tell others the truth, they will tend to reciprocate.

Select a trustworthy person. Let your intuition be your guide. If your inner voice gives you a green light, follow it. Observe and listen carefully. If you perceive signs of danger (white lies, black lies, broken promises), heed them. An untrustworthy person isn’t going to change overnight even with your good influence.

Create trust moment by moment. Whenever an issue surfaces where you feel your trust is being violated, talk about it. It may make you both uncomfortable in the short run, but it will bring you closer together in the long run. If you have serious questions, ask them: “Where were you yesterday evening when I called and got no answer?” If you feel there’s something wrong, you’re probably right. Always follow your intuition.

To create trust you need to reveal your feelings — both the bad and the good. You need to share the truth about who you are, what’s going on for you now, and your intentions for the future. When you notice something that’s going on inside you must honestly report it. You must resist the temptation to lie at all costs. Lying kills trust.

Zaira Khan


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