I am a dreamer.


I am a dreamer. I dream of a better world, I dream that one day there won’t be places like Darfur.. there won’t be anger and so much hate and violence. I dream that one day we all understand that any kind of life is sacred and we have no right to take our hands against it. We all are the same.

I am a dreamer who lives in my own world. Some call me naive by that as things that are world to them does not matter me. You cannot buy my soul as it has no price. You cannot tempted me with false promises and try to turn me into something I am not. I have my own truth, my own faith and my own way of seeing world. I am not saying that my way is right but can anyone say it? Does anyone even have the right to say that?

I am a dreamer. I live for my dreams. My art is part of my dream. My way to show others of what I hold inside, what matters for me and what I treasure. I live for the sun behind the trees to guide my light and for the star high over the northern sky to light my way in dark nights. I live for hopes…and I am never afraid of dreaming even if at the first moment it may seem like unachievable. I would say there have been so many things in my life what first could have been impossible what I have still done with them. I am here.. I do my art.. and many like it. It sounds impossible year and half ago. But now it is reality.

I am a dreamer. This is not easy but who has said it has to be like that. But you cannot take my dreams away from me. You cannot hurt someone who has dreamed a dream like mine…

Oh.. again.. many hours.. many frustrations, many times I felt I will give up but I want something purely magical, something enchanting as I know the MEANING OF my dreams is true for me…

zaira khan

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