Girls take me as a friend only. A man’s problem.

Well, I think it must not be a gigantic problem for you. May be you fall in the criteria of my favorite friend type for girls.Women want unpredictability they want mystery they want a cheeky and witty sense of humour, they want someone who can challenge their wits, they want to “feel” that sexual tension.Learn to master the art of “teasing” and you’ll finally progress past the friendship stage. You have to be able to TEASE YOUR WAY INTO HER HEART.Actually usually women love to have friends around with whom they can discuss different issues, they also want to discuss the hidden self so to keep themselves safe and protected they love to term you as a nice guy or friend. They don’t want to lose you either. My suggestion to you is that if you wait for the right moment before showing any signs of interest in any girl,  then that is going to be great on your part. Because women should never be allowed to recognize the fact that you’re attracted to them from the get-go otherwise everything you say or do will seem like an attempt to impress them.



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