Gratitude helps us make the shift.

Life is a matter of concern for the betterment. If we are alive we need to live with an insight, with some priorities and ofcourse with gratitude. Majority of us are incapable of grasping the time that we are actually chained up with. It is running without any breaks.

Practicing genuine gratitude on a daily basis has been a major source of healing,strength and mood alleviater in my life. When I step back and notice everything I have to be grateful for, it makes me feel like I have everything I need and that nothing is lacking. It makes me feel whole.

It pushes me to go ahead, not to hesitate to move on. As days pass by I know we come to know with few desperate self observations that we need to be happy around almost most of our lives. We all need to know pleasures that can make us happy and excited for.

Whining and dwelling upon negative events wont do us any good. The simple act of regularly practicing gratitude will make an improvement in the well-being of a person and lead to a sense of happiness in life. Reflect on your own life. Look back at all the difficult moments in your life and you will soon come to realize the many blessings are being showered upon you. This very thought and related feeling makes me so happy and fresh.

When our attitudes change and we become thankful for every small or big things in life we will see the world in a different way. It is not the negative events in ones life that usually makes one unhappy, it is rather the negative reaction to these events that makes one unhappy. The state of being unhappy is created by ourselves as far as I have observed and felt.

There is a positive psychological effect in feeling thankful that results in appreciating life as it is. We must learn to be aware of and to appreciate the good things in this world to prevent taking them for granted. Being aware of the fact that it is our Creator only who has helped us in our life will make us appreciate His blessings more. There is a link between practicing gratitude and feeling happy.

Happiness is a state of mind. You can be a millionaire and get anything you want in this world but still end up as unhappy. The trick of nurturing your own soul is to give thanks. The important points are to look at your past and give thanks for the many favors that God has already bestowed upon you

Research has shown that through our thoughts and emotions, we emit powerful signals; these signals have the ability to attract signals of the same frequency. In other words, our positive signals will attract all other positive signals and same goes true for negative signals.

Whenever we are being ungrateful, we are in the negative state of mind and allowing the self-defeating thoughts to emit all sorts of negative energy from us. These can include thoughts such as “I never seem to have enough of money”, “I can never be healthy”, or “I can never find a loving husband”. This will lead us to attract more negative energy.

Ultimately, we will end up becoming a black hole of despair and getting what we do not want. All the worries, arguments and frustration lead to more of the same. Considering all this, if we want to attract more signals of what we desire to experience, for example, peace, joy, harmony, ease, prosperity, etc., then why not choose our thoughts consciously and carefully? The more you focus on what you have in life, the more you will attract it. In other words, the more grateful you become, the more blessings you will get.

Gratitude helps us make the shift.

Zaira Khan 

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