Controlling personality 

​Suspect any person who has a temper and uses it often.

 Frequent temper outbursts, especially those accompanied by bullying (the coward trying to control others) or threats (easier to shout out dire warnings of potential harm to you than to investigate their own internal source of harm) are a sign of a controlling personality type. Temper outbursts often happen when you disagree with them (however lightheartedly or kindly) or don’t do exactly what they want you to do (which can be difficult to glean sometimes, as many controlling people expect you to be able to “read their mind”). In their minds, you are challenging their authority over you when you either disagree with them or don’t comply with their wishes.

Coupled with moodiness, the moody temper-throwing person can be a real handful because you never know where you stand with this unfortunate person. Unfortunately, their inability to handle and work through their anger or resentment can be taken out on you as physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse. Never put up with a person harming you; it is not your fault that they hurt inside; sadly, it is more likely that someone else in their youth behaved the same way toward them and they’re perpetuating a bad cycle….

Zaira Khan  

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