Finding happiness


Finding happiness that lasts seems to be a challenge for most people. If only they knew where to look! Finding happiness in the world of form can not exist without finding unhappiness in it. Going within takes you beyond this duality.If Some Thing Makes You Happy, It Has The Power To Make You Miserable.This is not being pessimistic. It is true. It does not mean that you can not be happy, but rather that permanent happiness must come from a different place.Most of us seem to go through life completely dependent on what is happening around us for our own inner peace or happiness. It is as if what goes on in our lives controls our inner state of mental or emotional well being.There seems to be no other way for a while – the only way to feel good is to have what we want in our “exterior” world- relationships, possessions, status, things “going well”. We are conditioned to believe that all these things have to make us happy, because most of the world knows no different. We often demand that situations and circumstances fulfill us…..…eventually you come to realize that this doesn’t work. Situations change. What makes you feel good therefore has complete power over you to make you feel bad. Things that you desired and believed that once achieved or acquired could make you at peace, fulfilled or happy, seem to lose their fulfilling quality after a while, or they get destroyed or go away leaving you feeling unhappy again.

Zaira Khan


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