What would happen if you go to two different psychotherapists at the same time?

Yes, you can. The one thing I would suggest is not to keep it a secret from either. Be clear and upfront about what you are doing and why. You don’t want the process of getting help run the risk of you feeling bad.

There may be occasions when seeing two therapists makes sense. For example, you might consult a cognitive therapist for depression and a behavioral therapist for a highly specific problem like smoking cessation or a phobia. For that to work, both therapists would need to be aware of each other and agree with the arrangement.

Alternatively, it would be odd if you sought help from two therapists and kept it a secret. Most therapists would not be okay with that scenario.

Since you did not reveal the nature of the two problems, it’s difficult to answer your question. Generally speaking, it’s not the norm to see two different therapists. Doing so without their knowledge would be dishonest. Therapeutic relationships, just like any other relationship, should be based on trust. Without trust, the relationship will be fractured.

So to cut it short I just want to say that any one who is seeing a psychologist or psychologists must try to show compliance and get the benefits from psychotherapy. It really offers positive changes and you can experience the consequences of the many blessings around you.

Now its the era of specialization..some are really good psychologists in testing and psychometrics and some are good in psychotherapy and building good therapist _client…interaction..in clinical settings. Well that’s why im saying there could be a collaborative kind of psychological treatment..if professional jealousy is not prevailing 😀 I handover some of my patients to my trainees..and they enjoy..and gain a lot from enthusiastic new psychologists(internees).

Zaira Khan



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