Certain Realities



Reality is the true state of things. In essence, it’s how things really are, whether we perceive them to be as such or not. Things in themselves are inherently neutral. It is we who supply the perceptions and build our beliefs with them. Reality transcends both expectations and beliefs. How our reality appears to us says a lot about our perceptions. We can be very aware of what is happening in, and around us as individuals, and in our world, and what we focus on expands in our perception and reality. As multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, multi faceted, intelligent humans, we have the ability to take in information and sift through it to determine what we want to focus on. What we focus on, may be determined by an established perception or world view, and in that case, some folks may not even consider additional information…..that is a choice in each and every moment for all of us. It goes back to “know thyself”…..know where information is coming from….know why we have certain perceptions of certain realities….know that we can make choices regarding what we focus on, while being mindfully aware of lots of different information..


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