Optimism can do miracles and can not only save us from troubles but also give us a chance to learn from these. The key to success lies in optimism. Qualities like perseverance, patience and not giving up are all related with this noble attitude of optimism. All the great and influential personalities and leaders owe their success to optimism. Optimism is not ignoring the problem but simply the best way to deal with it and learning from it for the future. Both the optimists and pessimists encounter the same problem but it is the mindset and perception which takes over and decides the result. As Dale Carnegie writes, “Two people looked out of a window from prison; one saw mud and the other stars”.

Everybody of us must have felt disappointed at or about something atleast once in life and must have said something along the lines of “Why did this happen to me? I worked so hard, I had prayed so hard…why me?” Disappointment is natural and a part of human emotion. So what’s the answer to this “Why me?” that pops up in our minds. As believers, we must trust that whatever happens to us comes from the decree of Allah (SWT). This is a part of Imaan and also a sign of enter the Islam totally as the Quran mentions “Udkhulu fisilmi kaaffa” “Enter into Islam completely”(2:208). So if there is any problem or a personal or professional loss we must believe that it is a test from Allah and it will be over as the Quran says “With every hardship comes ease” (94:5). So we must always remember that “whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice Him”(65:3)

Zaira Khan


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