It lies within.


People say children give you happiness, pets bring you happiness, a good job, a fancy car, a holiday gives you happiness. Some people say traveling brings happiness while others say being in love brings you happiness. Progress brings you happiness. But still, what is happiness? It is something that mankind yearns for, works for, seeks for, gambles for.. but yet don’t know where to look, can’t find it, it never lasts, never enough? Well, I discovered why… just a couple of hours ago. Happiness isn’t found in places or things, it is not defined by who you are, what you have or what you do.. happiness can’t even be found. It’s not under today’s rug, nor in tomorrow’s scope. It wasn’t in yesterday’s opportunity and it won’t be drafted in the forthcoming unforeseen, predicted, sought after future either.. it lies within.

Happiness is not about smiling all of the time. It’s not about eliminating bad moods, or trading your Tolstoy-inspired nuance and ambivalence toward people and situations for cheery pronouncements devoid of critical judgment. While the veritable experts lie in different camps and sometimes challenge one another, over the past decade they’ve together assembled big chunks of the happiness puzzle.

What is happiness? The most useful definition—and it’s one agreed upon by neuroscientists, psychiatrists, behavioral economists, positive psychologists, and believers—is more like satisfied or content than “happy” in its strict bursting-with-glee sense. It has depth and deliberation to it. It encompasses living a meaningful life, utilizing your gifts and your time, living with thought and purpose.

I want to share some more photos to cheer up the friends..:)










Zaira khan


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