Who is the happiest girl? 


Happiness is a myth we seek,If manifested surely irks;Like river speeding to the plain,On its arrival slows and murks. For man is happy only inHis aspiration to the heights; When he attains his goal, he cools..And longs for other distant flights.”

Khalil Gibran

For everyone happiness comes differently,the same the happy people feel is “THAT FEELING.” Happiness is often an elusive experience – people will go to great lengths for a fleeting moment of happiness. The more you discover, the more you will be reminded that happiness is rarely found in material possessions or worldly pursuits. Our most fulfilled lives are discovered living for greater causes.These pursuits are available to us regardless of our heritage, background, or socioeconomic standing. They are freely available to anyone who chooses to dedicate their lives to them.

When we discuss happiness, we are referring to a person’s enjoyment or satisfaction, which may last just a few moments or extend over the period of a lifetime. Happiness does not have to be expressed in order to be enjoyed – it is an internalized experience, varying in degrees, from mild satisfaction to wild euphoria.Happiness can often look like it’s luck of the draw or the pull of the longest straw. But whatever it looks or feels like for those who have it — contentment, overwhelmingly positive emotions— there are some specific ways to be happy, even if the most joyful people are too busy digging their lives to talk about it much.

As a psychologist I think maintaining an optimistic mindset can really make us happy,so the happiest girl in the world is usually with a sense of optimism who is more capable to cope with stressful events and feel that she has better social support even when her friendship network has not increased.

Familial relationships and friendships affect happiness and can also be impacted by a person’s levels of positive affect. Our ability to make friends often affects our self-esteem – unsurprisingly, people with extrovert personalities have been to found to enjoy higher levels of happiness than introverts.

Today I asked a girl who lives in my neighborhood that how come she feels cheerful all the time..One great thing she told was that during a very dark time,she agreed to try a daily gratitude list as a way to dig out of it, and it worked.

Almost three years later focusing on the good things that she always have, no matter what may be going wrong, helps to keep her perspective clear and her attitude at least partially positive. Positive psychology also says that whether it’s expressed just to ourselves for what we have or to others for what they bring to our lives, gratitude makes us happier.

Lots of material on net and in books could be graved out to know the ways of becoming happy,as we psychologists believe in Eros..the life force..Its in our nature that we must try to pursue happiness.however in what ways,but there are always positive and negative ways to get pleasure and happiness. So positivity for sure makes us happy..

THE HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD IS WHO is living with purpose, or better, living for not just herself, Though it is difficult to know true happiness. You feel lost, without direction and purposeless life. It is only when you live for others that you find your place in the grand scheme of life. ‘Giving’ your life to others broadens your vision and purpose of life. Your strengths, talents, gifts and experiences are meant to serve the world, to leave your mark and legacy in it. You live your life with a sense of calling and destiny. Think about how you can use them to make the lives of others better. In the process, you’ll make your life better too!

zaira khan

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