A proper perspective 


………Death is a Dialogue between

The Spirit and the Dust.

“Dissolve” says Death—The Spirit “Sir  

I have another Trust”—

Death doubts it—Argues from the Ground—

The Spirit turns away

Just laying off for evidence 

An Overcoat of Clay…………………..

If you are constantly ruminating about death, or if the mere mention of the word ‘death’ makes you feel anxious then a natural concern has gone too far. An overriding fear of death stop you living life properly now!

The thought that some day we won’t be around any more can be hard to comprehend and cause fear and even panic. Or maybe it’s the process of dying that is feared. Obsessive fear of death may originate from witnessing the death of a loved one, or even being traumatized by something on TV!

A proper perspective on death can add joy to life Putting death into its proper perspective can allow you to see how an occasional awareness of death can add to life, making living much more enjoyable, fulfilling and meaningful.

We live in a world where for many of us death has become a taboo, something to be brushed under the carpet and ignored. Occasional awareness of death is a great motivator to do better, take life by both hands, dismiss pettiness and live more fully.     

Fear of death is natural if you feel threatened in some way – after all your survival instinct is an essential drive. However when fear of death becomes a preoccupying obsessive thought then something needs to change. 

Zaira  Khan


2 thoughts on “A proper perspective 

  1. Life is just like a video game, and the end of the game is death. Most games are challenging, depending on the difficulty you’ve chosen to play in, but that just makes the achievements you get more rewarding. We play till the end, but the true purpose is to play, knowing that one day we will beat the game, and that will be the biggest achievement.

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