My wife is infertile. Should I divorce her ?????


Working through your grief over infertility and thoughts of divorce, and making it to the other side with your spouse, could be a healthy reason to stay married. Infertility and divorce don’t always go hand in hand – but if you want to build a happy marriage, you need to work through the underlying pain, blame, or guilt about infertility.
One of the several things you can get done to avoid a divorce and save your marriage is to discern the source of the crisis. You must sit down and reflect on what led to the present demand for a divorce between you and the person you have always respected and desire to share your future with.
It seems absurd that if you have a good relationship with her, you respect her, love her, can easily communicate with her, when there is no fear of infidelity, you have kindness for her and when you both share same pains and pleasures,then why in the first place you are thinking of divorcing her. First you must know what actually you and she want from this marriage, I don’t think children are the only need of this marriage. Rethink, discuss with your wife, be rational and have three to five complete points wise discussions with her. Sometimes loosing spouse makes you more depressed than not having kids. It’s not your problem only, it’s her issue too.. Don’t leave her alone by inducing guilt of infertility in her,Im sure otherwise you will never be able to get out of self blames for the rest of your life.

Zaira Khan


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