Conscious entity 

I hope you will agree as i read in phenomenological psychology that,think of yourself as a conscious entity. From the time you achieve your state of being, you are aware of yourself, but moreover, you have something so special to human beings: choice. You can choose to be this way or that. Even, if you are under duress, threatened, or even facing torture, you as a conscious being can make a choice. You can express your freedom of mind by choosing. Sometimes in my past, I’ve felt as if I wanted to murder certain people, but I didn’t. Why? because I chose not to do that. But, in every minute of my life now passing I know that all that I do is my conscious decision. I am aware of my ability to choose. Then in the face of knowing that I will die, I can choose to do all I desire, though it has no meaning.

Zaira Khan 

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