State of being Idea

The persistent state of being idea has to do with a notion of being whom you are minute-to-minute or even second-to-second. You always feel as you are the same being you were in past times. But, you do know that over time, you’ve changed as a unified personality. I know, I am not the child of 14 years of age when I was hungrily consuming comic books and identifying with Spider-Man. I know I am not insane without any way to test reality and believe that voices in my head are hectoring me to do odd things. But, what I don’t know is who the person thinking inside my head is. What I am saying in plain language is how I identify with myself is a mystery. I can’t get at the thinking machine in my head. It becomes paradoxical the moment I try to know myself. It does, because to examine myself I have to not be myself. I have to get outside myself and examine myself like a third party would. But I can’t do that! We are all stymied this way. We are a conglomerate of experiences and ongoing mental exchanges that span our lifetimes, but never can we capture and define ourselves like an object. Yet, we never feel estranged from ourselves. We never, moment-to-moment feel as if the person in the last seconds was now not the one it is.
Zaira Khan

4 thoughts on “State of being Idea

  1. This is such a strange idea…I’ve thought about it before, it seems like memory is the only thing that keeps us feeling as if we’re the “same” person. But if we couldn’t remember what happened a few seconds ago, a few minutes, a few years, we’d feel like a new person…right? Or would we continue to act and think in the same way, even if we couldn’t remember those past instances? I guess there’s no way to prove it but it’s so weird to think about.

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