Many people are self-imprisoned in a denial that they have problems that need to be addressed.Denial of a problem is a common reason people don’t seek treatment for it, even though they are suffering. Without accepting that a problem even exists, they can’t get help for it. Just as we are often our own worst critics, people are also sometimes the opposite — the last to admit their own shortcomings or failings.

The roots of denial are often buried deep within a person’s sense of who they are and how they were brought up to view themselves and the world. It can take a life-changing event to shake up a person’s denial. Or it can take the pressure exerted by friends and family to force them to seek help despite their denial.
Denial is something humans learn as a coping mechanism to deal with the problems of life, however it quite ineffective . It becomes a habit, whether conscious or unconscious. But like other habits, it can be unlearned as well.

It is obvious that the best way to unlearn a behavior is to admit that you are doing it and seeking to change it. The best way to overcome denial is to admit that you have a problem and seek help. It takes both courage and humility to do so.

A mental health professional will help you learn better, more effective and healthier ways of coping with the issues and problems that arise in your life. You will learn how to deal with the object of your denial, not only in the near term, but for the rest of your life. It’s a simple process that can be done in just a few months’ time for most people who give it a try.

Zaira Khan 


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