Just be smart 

Hmmmm… Don’t hide, just be smart 😊

You know there are times where we have to hold back. Like maybe the other person is in a relationship and that’s when you have to be careful because either way you might lose.. Sayings  that are true for some people are not always true for others. and as far is what makes us fall deeper well that also varies from person to person. being a hopeless romantic by nature, I believe that being able to be yourself around the person is key. Also, them being able to be themselves around you is important.

This is one of those statements that on the surface sounds deep, but is actually superficial. It’s like, “if you just keep looking, you’ll find the thing you’re looking for in the last place you look.” Well, of course! Your feelings tend to grow the longer you hide them because as long as you’re hiding them you’re still nursing feelings and nursed feelings tend to grow.

Zaira Khan 

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