Psychotherapists falling in love with clients ?

Professionally and ethically it is not in good interest of therapists to have affairs with their patients or clients. Reason is therapeutic interventions are not completely meant to push therapists towards all the way wrong with the person who is imprisoned in the world of serial number of sessions…that was actually pretty much not meant for falling in love with the patient.

Well here as a psychologist, I believe that when you get involved in so many people with their issues that are to be resolved somehow, then obviously you can’t escape from the attraction of your clients different and specifically love feelings. That moves you too but you easily can call it empathetic attitude or something like unconditional love. But these are still natural and technical terminologies in the process of psychotherapy. So stay safe psychologists If a psychologist feels love towards patient even then he/she knows that he must handle his/her own feelings. It is in the benefit of psychotherapy, clients and obviously the whole Psychological practice and mental health profession.

Possibilities are present but to deal with the feelings is in the training of the psychologist. No one can take advantage of vulnerable conditions of the patients/client. So I as a practicing psychologist know that psychologists really handle all issues accordingly and by the best of who they are trained as.

In some cases, a therapist can deal with their romantic feelings for a client on their own. It’s not addressed in therapy because it’s not a huge influence. If the therapist is concerned, there are colleagues who can consult with the therapist about the case. It might be a good idea for the therapist to examine what attracts them to this particular client.

For other therapists, the attraction goes beyond what the therapist feels capable of handling. If this is the case, the therapist can go to their own therapy to figure out the underlying cause of the infatuation.


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