Self satisfaction 

Life is for once, and this era has shown us so much to do and enjoy. But psychologically we all yearn for those things in life which gives tranquility, calmness, terrific feeling of achievement and most of all self satisfaction.

Self satisfaction for one person is defined different from as defined by other. Let’s take things more technically that for some people singing is self satisfaction and for other working in the charity center. So there are no set rules to follow the rules for high self-esteem and great self satisfaction.

As a psychologist I believe that we all are individuals with our individualistic needs.

For me doing my job as a psychologist is the best example for me as myself. Nothing in the world gives a satisfying heart as to be with the ones who need me. Some schizophrenic patients, some bipolar depression ‘s victims, some with emotional, marital, addiction, personality, genius, normal but stressed out etc issues. The list will go on and on but doing good for others is not only the profession it’s the truth present for self satisfaction.

According to Rogers, we should try not to conform to the expectations of others. We should rather come to terms with our own nature, trust one’s own experience, and accept the fact that other people are different. In this way, the gap between the real self and the ideal self will become lesser and a state of congruence will come into place. Once this happens, in terms of Rogers, the person is said to have become oneself. The becoming of one’s self makes the person what Rogers calls a fully functioning person. The fully functioning person, according to Rogers, acknowledges and expresses all his/her feelings, has no rigidity and preconceptions about what he/she should be, make and rely on their own decisions, acknowledges the feeling of freedom and takes responsibility of his/her decisions, and contributes to life. Becoming oneself and being a fully functioning person brings the person closer and closer to self-satisfaction.

A high level of self-awareness is required for self-satisfaction. An individual should have a realization of his/her strengths and weaknesses. This will make the person know about how good or bad he/she is at various things. This will also make the person more focused and will enable him/her to know exactly what he/she wants from life. When a person knows exactly what he/she wants to do, it generates an immense amount of positive feeling within that person and leads to a lot of self-worth.

This high level of self-awareness is very much similar to what Howard Gardner calls intrapersonal intelligence. People who are high on intrapersonal intelligence have a good capacity of being introspective and self-reflective. They are intuitive and skillful in recognizing their own feelings and motivations. It includes having a deep level of understanding, knowing ones strengths and weaknesses, realization of what makes one unique, and having the ability to predict one’s own reactions and emotions.

The only way to maintain a proper composure in life is to seek and eventually achieve self-satisfaction. It is the seeking of self-satisfaction that guides the person through all the turbulence of life. Achieving self-satisfaction should be the main criteria in whatever the person wants to do.

Zaira Khan 



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