Beautiful necessity in life.. 

Respect is foundational to love, and one of the best ways to show your loved ones or even to others is that you love them is to treat them with respect. Small habits that you can incorporate into your daily routine, and also a loving and positive attitude will make all of them to feel loved and respected.They will feel proud to have you try to be affectionate ,generally.

Showing respect to others improves relationships and productivity and increases the odds that they will treat you respectfully as well.
Apologize if you’ve argued with someone remember that others have feelings, too...and if u want to carry on with them then to ask for sorry is not a big deal,so dont hesitate.
In my opinion it is one of our highest demands that we need to be treated well by others and same is with others,they also want the same. So why not to treat others good by words and in actions.
Consider the next person’s position and feelings before reacting. Offering a seat to the elderly, crippled, or simply helping a child to cross the street is a simple act of kindness and courtesy…such simple things make you more humble and satisfied with self.
I have observed that if you show patience and humility. The other person may learn something from you. This does not imply becoming a try it.
Respect for the dignity of others includes knowing when to stand up to authority that has overstepped its legitimacy. So do not excuse bad behavior or wrongdoing just because you were “following orders”.
Be loyal to others and your relationship with them. Do not say bad things about others as this reflects your personality. If you can talk about someone else behind their back, most likely you won’t command respect as the person will believe you can talk badly about him/her behind his/her back.
Protect those under you and hide other peoples’ faults. When you do that, it may not have immediate effect but you command respect in the long run! I can bet on this.
Being respectful tells people you not only care about others, but you care about yourself. The most important part of being respectful is respecting yourself; if you don’t, people won’t respect you.
A great technique for giving respect is to empathize or relate to the other person. Listening and responding intelligently, seriously, and beneficially shows a great amount of respect. Everyone wants what they say to be heard and taken into consideration.
Respecting people entails not just allowing for differences in terms of their goals and ambitions, but going one step further and encouraging them to follow their dreams, no matter how far-fetched or impossible they may be. Discouraging people from achieving their goals can come across as condescending in their viewpoint, and it belittles their sense of ability and importance.
Never fight them if they are being mean to you. Just be calm and be nice to them.Be kind as long as your self esteem and confidence persists.
In my view respecting people is a beautiful necessity in life.


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