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To Acknowledge..



Both repentance for sin and humility for weakness call us to acknowledge our faults and apologize,but sin requires us to do facing and returning to God while weakness calls for gradual improvement as we learn and grow.In our weakness we cannot do all the things at once.We may need experimentation with different options,practice and improve overtime,build our strengths,actively try even though we don’t always have to succeed,but of-course we have to learn from our errors

Remember we can be weak and still have our heart in the right place with our merciful God.

Zaira Khan


Search for the truth



If the purpose of life was to do what YOU wish to do i.e go to school, get an education, get a job, get married, have children and then die…life would be a tragedy. There would be no purpose. It would be meaningless as we would merely exist and not have LIFE. The purpose of life is to get to know your Creator and to prepare yourself for an eternal home…at some point in a person’s life – everyone would ask this question – what is the purpose of life. Why are we here. Search for the truth – ask the Creator in sincerity (not merely to get head knowledge) and He will reveal the purpose to you. ..